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LOVEDAY JEANS is a new hig- end italien denim brand, created by Papis Loveday.

Within the 4rd season you can find our brand at more than 200 exclusive retailers, department and online stores across Europe, the United States of America, Russia and the Midle East. Among some of the most influancing stores like:

The premium denim label LOVEDAY JEANS, named after the creative director and supermodel Papis Loveday, was created in 2012.


Papis Loveday says: “It is still difficult to find a high-quality pair of jeans with innovative design and production details and which sits perfectly. Well, here we are! It was a great challenge to combine my high standards of fashion with a basic wardrobe essential. Seeing – feeling – trying on. I promise: They will become your very favourite jeans! You will love your Lovedays!”


The new brand represents progressive looks, a modern, urban attitude and a carefree lifestyle. The label links these characteristics with the standards of the name-giver and high-end Italian manufacture. Thus, traditional tailoring is united with innovative denim, new shapes and creative details. Both the women’s and men’s collections make a stylish and confident impression and are aimed at men and women who value individuality.


LOVEDAY JEANS embodies a new interpretation of modern luxury. The result is a very unique kind of elegance, “Made in Italy”. The use of refined materials combined with original and traditional details make each pair of LOVEDAYs a “must-have piece”.


To find out more about our brand, please visit us at 

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