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The international event LOVENIGHT aims to carry the glamour and the eccentricity of the fashion world into the most renowned European clubs. For every single LOVENIGHT, PapisLoveday and his team work out an individual and brand-new concept to turn the event into a truly unique experience, so that all guests will be caught of guard again and again.


The program includes various acts performed by at least eight international artists from metropolises like Paris, Milan and London. The team surrounding Papis Loveday assembles the artists individually and has them flown in on demand. Renowned DJs complete the program with finest house and electro tunes. That makes the LOVENIGHT one of the most expensive public event production that the European club scene has ever seen.

But the massive success of the LOVENIGHT series measures up to the great effort. The event regularly attracts more than 3.000 guests from 18 to 50 years. The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant without abstaining from the typical eccentricity of Papis Loveday. That way there`s always been a very good take-up by the target group.

Not only the per capita consumption is risen by the LOVENIGHT. The operators also record higher sales in the VIP area. This is granted by an individual care for VIPs and a professional guest relation. VIP spaces are always very popular and booked up after a short time. That way operators can sell extensive deals for admission and beverages. The high profile of the brand PAPIS LOVEDAY also guarantees the attention of the local and supra-regional press. Therefore the popularity of the location might increase a lot.



LOVENIGHT by Papis Loveday did attract more than 28.000 guests in 2014 and 37.000 guests in 2015.


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